The BEARD NINJA – Beard Shaping Tool Template. Clear shaper guide for lineup & edging. TRANSPARENT stencil styling Goatee, Mustache & Neckline + Curve/Step or Straight Cut +ANTI-SLIP GRIP (Red)

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Price: $14.96 - $8.98

Here’s the common problem…
Your beard is spreading all around your face and sabotaging your awesome good looks. Your using the obvious man product and accessories like wax, balm, oil, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc. You may even own the best clippers, trimmers, electric shaver, straight blade, combs & razors but your facial hair still looks out of control like a Viking!

Dont worry!
Bearded gentlemen can now tackle their unruly whiskers at home and force rogue hairs into shape whilst shaving full growth stubble fuzz into perfectly cut shapes.

Treat yourself!
The BEARD NINJA outliner tool will help you become a professional beardman czar overnight (why not gift a mate, buddy, dad, friend, brother, fathers, uncle, grandad, bro, any man or men)

This unique, groomer definer accessory with perfect beard cutting edges & symmetry, is the ultimate weapon against bad beards. Make no mistakes with a clear tool with anti-slip grip in the body center. The BEARD NINJA is durable like a shark tank with many angles of attack.
Don’t limit your shaving options by choosing inferior liner edgers made of materials like wood, stainless steel or other metal which are not see through stencils.

Embrace your rapid journey to the top by becoming a pro BEARD NINJA, Zeus like king.

Be on your guard bro, line-up and prepare your hairline to become the envy of all men.

Pencil this… Beards are not a fashion accessory or to be offered as a Christmas Gifts, Birthday, Anniversary or Valentines Day present. A Beard is for Life so show your beardclass at all Special Occassions!

Other grooming item essentials include a BEARD NINJA – Brush, Comb & Scissors grooming set.8-in-1 MULTI-LINER detail TOOL. Styling options: Curve, Step, or Straight Cheeks. Curved or Straight Goatee, Sideburns, Moustache & Neck / Jaw. Printed GUIDE MARKS on a lightweight & flexible edger, results in a shaving experience with no mistakes. Save money and smooth out big barber costs. Time Saver: No more starring at the mirror wearing a cape, bib catcher or apron, waiting for the next designer groom trim session.
BEARD NINJA are the original honest creators of this innovative shape of Beard Shaping Tool. “Dont buy Knock Off Products” which are cheap reproductions of the real items. If it doesnt say BEARD NINJA on it, what are you really buying? TIGHT BEARD LINES and PERFECT SYMMETRY with BEARD NINJA stencil / ruler. Using your razor, clippers or trimmer tool simply shave along the bevel / chamfered edge for amazing lining results. Be sure to use the guideline guards to get lined up perfectly.
SILICONE ANTI-SLIP GRIP for greater control and comfort unlike some tools. MEN DON’T RISK SLIPPING WITH INFERIOR TOOLS + LONGER HANDLE FOR extra finger safety. BONUS: Receive a color pdf e-book guide free with all supplies of Beard Ninja products. Our e-book is packed with information about beard growing styles. Tutorial on sculpting your beard and small details which can make a big difference to your appearance.
LUXURY GIFT for any Mens Beard Care Kit. Black, Ultra High Gloss, GIFT QUALITY packaging. This grooming styler is an IDEAL male gadget PRESENT with awesome looks, feel and versatile features. Complete user maintenance guides with hints & tips is also included.
INNOVATIVE GOATEE NOSE GUIDE DESIGN. We have created a ONE SIZE FITS ALL system for styles of your Goatee. NOTE: The BEARD NINJA has 2 cutter curves – inward for cheek line and outwards for curved goatee. Check other shapers / liners. Pack perfectly into any standard sized plastic bathroom / travel toiletry bag or wash case.


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